Contracts, Dismissal, Human Rights, Unions

The law imposes complex and strict duties upon employers.  Knowing and complying with those rules requires knowledge, diligence and effort.. Whether starting, managing or concluding an employment relationship, you need advice and confidence that your interests are being protected. 



Defence, Diligence & Workers' Compensation

Nothing is more important in a workplace than ensuring that people can work safely. It is more than the law - it is a moral imperative and a business necessity. Safe workplaces are more efficient and productive, not only protecting individuals from risk but preventing organizations from unnecessary losses. The penalties for failing to do so are steep, so you need the best representation possible. 



Advice, Referral & Case Management

Organizations have hundreds of different needs. The first among them, is a wise counsel who can help you identify risks, set priorities, choose a strategy and secure legal expertise. A good general counsel doesn't do everything - just those things.



Social enterprises have a unique commitment and a unique set of legal needs. They need lawyers who understand that and who are committed to ensuring the best advice and service is available to non profit organizations. 

Specialized services for social enterprise